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People’s Energy Company

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At People’s Energy we believe energy is a basic human right – so why are we held to ransom by fat cat suppliers and their shareholders?

People’s Energy was crowdfunded by a group of people who knew we could do better, and we created an ethical energy supply company that does energy differently. We offer gas and 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. We have no external shareholders, and no fat cat bonuses. Best of all, we aim to pay 75% of our profits back to members. Our members are at the heart of our business, and they agree, giving us an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. Join us today, and take your power back!

Our tariffs are amongst the cheapest on the market – We believe that energy should be affordable for everyone. Our tariffs are frequently seen at the top of the best buy tables. Our members sit on our board – Our members elect fellow customers to sit on our advisory board. So customer voices and their ideas are right at the heart of our business.

Renewable electricity – All of the electricity we supply comes from 100% renewable generators. We’re committed to generating our own electricity as soon as we can.

Simple tariffs – We only offer a small handful of carefully selected tariffs – making it simple for our members. All of our tariffs benefit from 100% renewable electricity and a share of our profits.
Stated reward is for Dual Fuel Fixed Tariffs, you will receive half the stated reward for Single Fuel Tariffs and a lower reward for variable rate tariffs. Rewards only available for new customers only. Rewards will be released 3 months after a customer has successfully switched to allow us to ensure the account is live.

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