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Here is the Earn points instore

Earn points instore

How to take advantage

1. Register Card(s)

Click the 'Register Now' button, below, and record your debit or credit card details. You only need to do it once.

2. Shop instore

Spend at any of our instore retailers, using one of your registered cards. View our instore retailers to see how much points you can collect.

3. Collect points

Earn up to 4 points per £1 when you buy something instore. We’ll automatically boost your balance.

We'll be adding new instore offers, so log in and check back here regularly to see our latest ones.

Important information

Once you’ve registered, please allow 24 hours before making your first purchase.

Your points will show in your Flying Club account as “Pending” within 7 working days. If your pending points aren't appearing in that account within 7 days, please contact us.

Your purchases will be approved within 35 days, subject to the retailers’ terms and conditions. Your account will be updated to show your points as "Approved". All "Approved" points will be posted to your Account within 48 hours.

The participating retailers and current offers will change from time-to-time and can vary by individual. So we suggest you regularly login to Shops Away to see which offers are currently available to you.

We have recently made an update to our card linked offers attribution policy, which now enables customers to register and earn on multiple card linked offers programmes where previously this was limited to one (the last programme at which the payment card was registered). This change was implemented based on customer feedback, in order to improve customer experience.

Please note that your offers will frequently change and retailers will be added / removed from the programme, so we advise customers to login frequently and check whether the retailer is available for you to earn Virgin Points or which offer rates apply on the day you visit a particular retailer. You will earn Virgin Points at the rate that was advertised to you on the day you made the purchase.