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Here is the page of Shops Away Forever 21 instore

Forever 21 instore

instore offer
Up to 4 miles / £1
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Authority on fashion

Satisfying your craving for fashion's latest trends at prices you can't pass up, Forever 21 bring you what's new and now in the world of fashion!
Offer is available on AMEX and Mastercard only.

Please note, you will receive a lower reward if spend is under £35.

This is a instore offer only, and your payment must be made using a registered payment card. Please ensure you wait 24 hours after registering your card prior to making your first purchase.

Please note, rewards can’t be earned on transactions made through:
- Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay
- Wallet providers including PayPal and YoYo Wallet
- Retailer store cards
- Cards not bearing the Amex, Visa or MasterCard/Maestro symbols

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