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Alimento is a new brand combining over 140 years of scientifically based health expertise and nutritional oral food supplements. A collaboration between Birds Eye and Ensure, Alimento’s single purpose is to offer those with swallowing difficulties a range of healthy and nutritious meal and drink options.

From carers to those with swallowing difficulties, Alimento’s aim is to provide a better quality of life with a carefully selected range of ready meals and drinks that will help provide needed vitamins and nutrients, as well as let families enjoy mealtimes again together.

Whether you are on the go or at home, Alimento is there to make life better.

Birds Eye is the UK’s leading frozen food brand and prides itself on producing freshly frozen food loved and enjoyed by our customers, from deliciously tender garden peas to the nation’s teatime favourite, Fish Fingers.

Almost 100 years ago (in 1924), Clarence Birdseye first pioneered the technology for fast freezing fish in New Jersey. Birdseye’s work soon became the global standard process for safe fast-freezing and is still in practice today.
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